It’s near the end of another Wacky Quacky Rubber Ducky Race. Number 8, the goggle-wearing Elvis, is last. Again. His owner Sam cheers, “C’mon, Elvis! Stay straight!” But Elvis drifts to the side and a branch catches his goggles strap. He’s stuck. Again.

As Sam and his dad leave the race, Sam chucks Elvis into a hedge. Sam’s dad stops dead in his tracks. “But Dad, he didn’t even finish! He’s useless.”

Sam’s dad fishes Elvis out and says, “The last race is next weekend. Give him one more chance.”

Is that a sparkle in Elvis’s eye?

Back in the bath, Elvis tries a press-up. Maybe, if he could get stronger… ERRRGGGHHH! His little wings collapse and he lets out all his air. Defeated and deflated.

Just then, his friend Pinky pops off the side of the bath and lands next to him. Elvis fills himself back up a bit too much so when Pinky pokes him, air leaks out. Psssssssssst. She giggles. “You all right?”

Elvis sighs, “Goggles got snagged.”

Pinky looks around and whispers, “Meet me back here at lights out.” She bounces off.

Later, in a bath full of water, a reluctant Elvis glides up to Pinky. “These,” Pinky takes Elvis’s goggles off, “are a hazard. Now give me 20!”

Elvis panics. “20 what?!?”

“Bath laps! Now!” Pinky blows a whistle.

Elvis screws his eyes shut, swims off and… BANG! Right into the side of the bath. Pinky shouts, “Eyes open!”

“But water gets in them!”

“You’re a duck!”

Elvis opens one eye, then the other, then swims, head held high. He loses steam around lap 5. Pinky appears alongside him. “You can do it! Go! Go!”

And night after night, Pinky coaches Elvis into tip-top shape using obstacle courses and games of tag. Her favourite is making Elvis escape the whirlpool though it makes him very dizzy. He prefers to fill himself with water then squirt it out. Fast. It’s his secret move.

The Elvisator.

On race day, Sam comes in to get Elvis. “Weird. You look… fit. And don’t you wear goggles?” (Like Elvis is going to answer him.) Sam shrugs. Elvis sneaks a wink at Pinky who lets out a chirp.

Sam’s Dad calls, “Let’s go!”

Before he leaves, Sam grabs Pinky too.

At the race, Elvis is tossed into a big net with the other ducks. They stare. Is this the same Number 8? Elvis sees Pinky in Sam’s hand and catches her eye. She gives him a thumbs up. In return, he flexes a wing muscle. He is fit!

The ducks are released into the river. Elvis battles his way to the front of the pack. Sam runs to keep up. He cannot believe his eyes. Elvis is winning!

Elvis turns around to smile at the ducks behind him but when he looks forward again… not another branch! He flaps and flails then disappears underwater. Sam freezes. All the other ducks pass over where Elvis went down. Sam yells, “Nooooooo!” and nearly crushes Pinky who can’t help but release a massive… SQUEEEEAK!

It was so loud that even Elvis hears it. Pinky! He thinks of Sam. Then the Elvisator. He burbles, “I’m not useless, I’m awesome!” Elvis sucks in as much water as he can. He then squeezes it out faster than you can say, “Wacky Quacky Rubber Ducky Race!”

Elvis blasts out of the water and rockets over the field of ducks. Weeeehooooo! He lands with barely a splash and is first to sail across the finish line. Sam jumps up and down. “That’s my duck!”

Back in the bath, Elvis and Pinky stare at a golden duck statue. Pinky hands Elvis his goggles. “You were great. Beyond great!”

“Thanks, Pinky. I couldn’t have done it without you. Or these.” Elvis flexes his wing muscles.

Pinky orders, “Now give me 20!”

But all they can do is laugh.