Sea urchin Pete has many talents and tricks.
He spins daring limpets and plays pick-up sticks.
He can knit claw socks in one minute flat,
while mending the lobster’s lovely top hat.

Some say Pete’s spines are as tall as a ship.
While others say they could use a good snip.
Crabs and squid squabble over premium seats,
just to see up close Pete’s hair-raising feats.

For Pete, day upon day of tricks is a bore.
And not one critter asks if his bristles get sore.
All he wants is to hang out with a mate,
but no one gets close, for fear of their fate.

Once a blowfish came up to say he’s a fan.
“You’re so cool! I love your trick with the can!”
He confessed, “If I did that, I’d be such a flop.”
Then Pete went for a high five and uh oh… POP!

Another time, two sea snakes slid up to his side.
They were going to ask if he’d care for a ride.
Instead, he tied them up (he did this a lot).
They managed to wriggle off in one massive knot.

Day after day, Pete’s left all alone.
“How ’bout a hug? Someone throw me a bone!”
For not one reason, except the sharp thorns,
he has zero pals and for this he mourns.

Eventually Pete feels his spirit is gone.
He can’t help but feel so sad and withdrawn.
He decides to hide in a deep, dark crack,
where he finds himself stuck when craving a snack.

He tries to get out but he just won’t budge.
The space is deeper than he ever could judge.
Pete scrapes and grates but can’t get himself free.
He’s left to ponder “Will they even miss me?”

Hour upon hour they wait for Pete to arrive.
Has he gone on a hike or maybe a drive?
They all sulk, wondering, “What do we do?
Doesn’t he know he’s our sunshine? Our glue?”

Then the teeniest of shrimp darts over quite fast.
She bellows loudly, “I’ve found him at last!
He’s stuck, hurry quick! We must get him free!”
To which a snail responds, “Call the TRT!”

The Tentacled Rescue Team (TRT for short),
have far-reaching tendrils, making capture a sport.
They’re dainty yet strong and know how to help,
for these jellyfish drink smoothies loaded with kelp.

When they reach the dark crack and slowly peer in,
the creatures stay still – not one flap of a fin.
The shrimp says, “I’d go, but it’s really quite tight,
so on three yell his name with all of your might!”

1, 2, 3… Pete!!!

Pete gives a wiggle, he wonders who’s there?
He looks up in surprise, “You really do care?”
“Are you mad?” they all squeal, “We miss you, Pete, please!”
Suddenly Pete feels something curl ’round his knees.

With a pull and a nudge and a bit of sea grease,
the TRT works Pete out of the crease.
Way up, up, he’s pulled and with one final tug.
Free at last, he blurts out, “I’m getting a hug!”

The jellyfish hover as their feelers entwine
around Pete’s pointy body, spine after spine.
The creatures all cheer, “Hooray for our friend!”
All Pete thinks is, “Does this hug have to end?”

Back at the Reef, Pete no longer does shows.
He’s a jack-of-all-trades, with all that he knows.
He likes being called to tie a bow or a shoe,
but he most loves the rescues with his huggable crew.