Moving to England, having a kid, renovating a house, that all happened in such a short space of time about ten years ago. Our living room was a storage space for about 18 months, but, Lukas was small, his toys were small, we didn’t physically need the space. Mentally, that’s another story.

But now, he’s 9. We have the living room and it’s rare to see the carpeted floor completely clear of Lego or Playmobil or buzzing Hexbugs. Cupboards? Full of toys. All the books I’d ever bought were tucked up in the loft or crammed onto a shelf in our office upstairs. Long gone were the days of living on my own, displaying books like trophies. It became all about IKEA storage for my kid’s toys, crafts, cars, you name it.

But like I just said, he’s 9. He still plays with all sorts but it was time to take back some space and buy bookshelves to put, yes, our grown-up books back on the shelves. Now when I sit at my little office desk in a little corner in our kitchen/dining area, I can turn around and look at the books I’ve yet to read and books I’ve had since forever. They range from classic Judy Blume to a book on quilts because I swear, one day, I will make one.

One book on the shelf is one I designed to have in the background of the sitcom pilot I wrote and produced many moons ago called, “Everyone’s Business.” The book title is “Dumped at the Corner of Love and Hate” and it featured in a few places in the show. So many awesome memories from working on that show, however skimpy a budget we had, however local a production it was, it was a great experience. The main character was a newly single 30-something who, freshly dumped, moved to a small town where everyone knew everything about everyone.

I hadn’t looked at this faux book jacket in ages and totally forgot I’d made up author reviews on the back. It’s kinda fun to read something you’ve written, completely forgot you’ve written, and then genuinely questioned, “I wrote that?” I’ll only put the initials of who I pretended saying these, just in case! My fake author’s name was Isabel Lehan. One grandmother’s first name, another’s last. Here are my fake book reviews of my fake book:

“Why isn’t my book club sticker on this book? I loved it. I have been burned by men quite a few times prior to meeting Stedman and becoming incredibly famous (not necessarily in that order) and I’ve been able to scrape myself up and continue walking down the street called Love.” – O.W.

“There has never been a greener, more fertile, weed-free lawn in any other book I’ve read. The fact that the beautiful lead in this book mowed her lawn by herself just blew me away.” – J. Deere

“Isabel Lehan could not have said it better: who needs men? Though, you shouldn’t really quote me saying that because now I’m married. My stepson Christian Bale is cute, maybe Isabel should meet him.” – G.S.

“Dumped at the Corner of Love & Hate is filled with humour, intelligence, and downright sassiness. If I were to write one more HP book, Hermione would be sure to have this on her bookshelf alongside Make-up for Muggles.” – J.K.R.