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Southport Airshow 2019

Lukas G. and Thomas watched some of an airshow from a nearby beach. —– —– —– —–

The New Bookshelves

Moving to England, having a kid, renovating a house, that all happened in such a short space of time about ten years ago. Our living room was a storage space for about 18 months, but, Lukas was small, his toys were small, we didn’t physically need the space. Mentally, that’s another story. But now, he’s […]

My 1200 Words a Day Diet

Looking down at my handy black notebook, I see today’s writing goal of 59500 words. My end goal is 65000, which feels whopping to me. Though I’m afraid, with the way I write with inner monologue a plenty, I can easily edit out 10k excess words, meaning I’ll have to make up 10k more! When […]