Author: alison giannoni

Southport Airshow 2019

Lukas G. and Thomas watched some of an airshow from a nearby beach. —– —– —– —–

The New Bookshelves

Moving to England, having a kid, renovating a house, that all happened in such a short space of time about ten years ago. Our living room was a storage space for about 18 months, but, Lukas was small, his toys were small, we didn’t physically need the space. Mentally, that’s another story. But now, he’s […]

Things I love (and miss)

People here in England often ask what I miss about the States. Now I totally feel settled here but there are some things that I just loved in the States and have yet to find a suitable substitute. This is just a start and not in any particular order. And I’m not complaining either. Shopping […]

My 1200 Words a Day Diet

Looking down at my handy black notebook, I see today’s writing goal of 59500 words. My end goal is 65000, which feels whopping to me. Though I’m afraid, with the way I write with inner monologue a plenty, I can easily edit out 10k excess words, meaning I’ll have to make up 10k more! When […]

America, America

Is it time yet to reminisce about our three-week vacation in the States or is it too soon? I’ll start with this. Lukas is just back to school today and in proper motherly confessional fashion I will admit: His unused toothbrush stands suctioned to the front door bench. I forgot to pack his baseball cap. […]


It’s near the end of another Wacky Quacky Rubber Ducky Race. Number 8, the goggle-wearing Elvis, is last. Again. His owner Sam cheers, “C’mon, Elvis! Stay straight!” But Elvis drifts to the side and a branch catches his goggles strap. He’s stuck. Again. As Sam and his dad leave the race, Sam chucks Elvis into […]

Prickly Pete

Sea urchin Pete has many talents and tricks. He spins daring limpets and plays pick-up sticks. He can knit claw socks in one minute flat, while mending the lobster’s lovely top hat. Some say Pete’s spines are as tall as a ship. While others say they could use a good snip. Crabs and squid squabble […]

Letters to a Little Prince

Amongst all the excitement over the birth of Prince George, I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if my son Lukas had a direct line to him so he could share all his newborn wisdom? Not that Lukas could write at the time or George can read for that matter, but just the same… here are a […]

Love in the Slow Lane

Here’s a piece I wrote pre-married, pre-England life. I was living on my own and commuting in my car to work. 45 minutes each way, every day. I had a lot of time to think about this. I like to note that I submitted this to The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs column and got […]